A lot of businesses within the consumer electronics industry are looking for effective ways to drive their UK sales and a lot of these businesses thrive as a result of importing their goods from Europe into the UK. Importing goods from the EU to the UK doesn’t have to be complicated endeavour. There are certain 2022 guidelines that you’d need to adhere to in order to continue importing your goods from the EU.

As of January 1, 2021 the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) came into effect and permanently changing how imports are processed by customs within the United Kingdom. Businesses need to adjust their operations in order for things run smoothly on both sides.

The latest trade deal between Britain & Europe has created some important changes which will affect anyone doing business abroad – even if you don’t live there!  The TCA rewrites old rules about what can/cannot be shipped from one country.

Specific key dates for the implementation of customs controls for various imports end in January 2022

Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) has set a deadline for companies to comply with new procedures in January 2022. It is mandatory for all companies to comply as soon as possible as this would enable them continue trading without restrictions.

Some of the changes outlined below captures some of the policies the EU already set up for imports into the UK in January 2021

1 January 2022

  • Businesses can no longer use deferred declarations for up to a six month period after importation – full controls and declarations have become effective immediately.
  • The government has shared important guidelines on how organisations need to adhere to the new policy.

1 July 2022

  • The TCA has made it mandatory for Safety and Security Declarations for companies importing any type of goods from Europe.
  • The government has shared important guidelines on how organisations need to adhere to the new policy.
  • In order to be prepared for the implementation of this new policy, the requisite documentation from earlier in January 2021 remains the same, but in this case, the goods being imported into the UK only need to go through a Border Control Post. Also, a company importing into the UK will also need to have available Export Health Certificates in order to aid the process

After all of this have implemented, the trading and importing conditions will return to the UK-EU TCA which requires:

  1. Proper and correct customs documentation and paperwork for normal importation of goods
  2. The Mutual Recognition of the Authorised Economic operator – Safety and Security scheme will allow for streamlined customs procedures, making it easier than ever before to trade internationally.

More information to consider:

Understanding the Rules of Origin

  • Businesses must be able to confirm the origin of whatever goods they import into the UK and must also offer the required paperwork to back up this claim
  • In order to make this process flexible, there has been an agreement with both the EU and UK. This means that full declarations do not need to be made for the first six months of the year for goods outside the controlled list
  • Up until December 2021, businesses won’t need suppliers declaration documents for good s exported , but after December, businesses could be asked to provide a suppliers declaration document

If you are looking at importing your goods from the EU into the UK, including the amount of tax you will need to pay and if you require some type of licence or certificate, please follow the instructions here for more details on EU-UK goods importation VAT

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